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Nebula's Oracle Minting Now as Featured in Cardano Summit 2023.


More then just a coin

Cardanos First blockchain casino

The Nebula Gaming enterprise is engaged in the objective of establishing a state-of-the-art casino using the innovative Cardano blockchain technology.
Our goal is to create a sophisticated platform that incorporates superior features, which are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Furthermore, we aim to develop these features with the intention of enticing a wider pool of interested stakeholders, ultimately resulting in the generation of significant revenue streams and the steady expansion of our project.

Brand Strategy & Art Direction

Continuous Development

Setting and Following Trends

Generous Business and Casino Income


Built to Sustain

The Building Phase (1)

The Building Phase (1)

The Lift Off Phase (2)

The Lift Off Phase (2)

The Orbital Phase (3)

The Orbital Phase (3)

The Discovery Phase (4)

The Discovery Phase (4)

The Galactic Phase (5)

The Galactic Phase (5)

The Landing Phase (6)

The Landing Phase (6)

Tokenomics Tokenomics Tokenomics

Tokenomics Tokenomics Tokenomics

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Vested tokens will only be added into circulation with equivalent $ADA as liquidity and via gamification such as vending machines, Danketsu portal, new games, and eventually our strategy game. Rest assured this is only a BONUS!

Buy some Nebula below experience the future of the  Space Time continuum across the Cardano blockchain 

The Nebula Casino

Constant Updates.
Easy scaling.

Taking The Cardano Blockchain By Storm

  • Slots
  • Head to Head Raffles
  • Rekt

Best Gambling Experts

  • Slots
  • Head to Head Raffles
  • Rekt

since 2023
  • Slots
  • Head to Head Raffles
  • Rekt
  • Earn
  • Casino

Space Race

  • Earn in $ADA + $SNEK + $KONDA + $DUM + $NEBULA and MORE!!
  • Utilize your favorite coins
  • Provably Fair
  • High Win Rates

Coin Flip

  • Fair Odds
  • $ADA
  • $SNEK

Space Crash

  • Earn in $ADA
  • Extreme multiplier
  • High win rates
  • Tons of fun

Adalot VEND

  • Earn in $NEBULA
  • Provably Fair
  • Lower Win Rates
  • Win upto 25x your investment!

Head to Head

  • Earn in CNFTs and $ADA
  • Go head to head with a friend
  • Win massive
  • First of its kind


  • Nebula Lore
  • Custom DAPP
  • Partners With Danketsu
  • All Profits Will Be Burned
  • Tied to Alpha Pass
  • Future Mint Experience
Frequently Asked Questions



We Believe in the power of the cardano blockchain

Nebula holders will have a direct vote in the future direction of our casino directly correlated to their holdings. We will also be buying and burning $NEBULA generating holders passive income.

We plan to integrate any cardano blockchain token that meets our criteria. For now take advantage by utilziing the following currencies; $NEBULA, $DUM, $KNODA, $SNEK, $ADA


For our love of everything space time, what’s cooler than a Nebula?

The Nebula is a Art + Story based casino located within the Cardano blockchain

To be a part of a once in a lifetime growing community that aims to dish out real world prizes,  incredible art + lore, and have Cardanos first native LEGAL Casino.

Our Nfts

Non fungible tokens


  • Earn in $NEBULA
  • Become a NEBULA VIP
  • Free Mints
  • EXP Multipliers
  • Alpha Channel
  • Giveaways
  • More Bonuses
Our Team

Expert Members

Into The Future with Nebula

Embark on the journey
of a lifetime.

Nebula is not just a Casino. The expanse of the enterprise will be continuous and ever evolving. Our current goal is to develop a series of comics on the blockchain ultimately leading up to both physical comics, figurines, and its own animated production. This is not an anime, this will be stemming from our roots which is 90’s marvel/DC comics.

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